Friday, April 13, 2012

Treasure box....

I finished a little project.  A treasure box filled with goodies. 

I found this old golden colored jewelry box at the thrift store.  I tore out all the ugly cardboard that was covered in orange veleteen (or whatever that stuff was)  and gave the outside a vintage decal image from Graphics Fairy.

I added some satin to the inside lid,  and kept the original satin pouch.  The pouch still seemed ok and I thought it looked good with my additions, a half doilie, stamped twill tape, the inside of the box got new satin, some pretty paper lining, and white velvet.  The drawer got a new paper liner and outside the drawer some stamped twill tape and teeny tiny drawer pulls.  Aren't they cute!

It is for sale in my Etsy shop, filled the goodies you see here. Oh, and the cross is made of mahogany, witha hand carved rose, made by my hubby.   It is a beauty.   Also includes vintage trim, piping, some dried orchids, so pretty and blue,  (they are like paper)  My hand made paper clay angel, a battenburg lace angel, some vintage button ribbon, wallpaper tags, some vintage lace and one each of a lilac colored and white velvet rose.

Thanks for looking at my handiwork! 
PS- this has been the worst day of the year for me, worse than the water heater (in the attic) leaking down all over inside our new house.  But more about this stuff later.  Just had to vent.  LOL

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  1. So very pretty! You did a really great job.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!