Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby motivation

My oldest daughter is 37 and pregnant for her first time.  She is so excited and of course so are we.  We can't be happier for her.  We just found out last week we are having another girl in the family!  Let's see, i had 3 girls.  I have 4 grandaughters already.....whats going on here.  Only one
Back on the subject....

So I wanted to share a project I am working on.

I bought this at an auction a year or 2 ago and have held onto it.  I decided to use it in Terra's baby shower in July. 

I added some wood appliques and just let it sit around for 3 months waiting to see if it was going to be pink or duck egg blue. 

So today I have been painting and used a shade of pink that was a store return.  Thats where I get all my paint.  Either Lowes or HD sometimes Walmart has returns.  And I just use whatever they have mixed.  (the other day I got a Valspar qt of a beautiful shade of grey for $3, gonna use for Laundry room)

So here is the beginnings of it.  I plan on making a lace covered mattress from a bed pillow and there will be lace draped over the sides.  I'll show when I'm finished. 

I don't know if I ever said this, but I really don't like AS chalk paint.  But....I do like the fact that pre-sanding is not required.  & I am one of those people who got sucked into spent $84 on 1 qt plus some wax, plus a special waxing tool....well kick myself in the butt..............I found recipes all over the blogs to make your own and guess what......I like the home made better.  LOL  Anyway, here it is started in pink, then dry brushed over in AS white.  My lighting in the house is very dark.  ( this is three windows and an over head light on and it still is dark in there. )

So the inside will be all white.  I'll show when it's done.

Found this thing too at the thrift store.  I had to have it.  I just like the look of it and I plan on removing the ugly brown carpet, and attaching some faux fur and use it for a photo prop for the wee one.  It has a tag that it came from England at an antuique store. 

I can't wait to see the wee one in some photos in this thing.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

stress really gets me moving..........

I think it's stress....well anyways. no point in bothering everyone with my issues. 

I wanted to show ya'll something I am very proud of.  I have never started from scratch to upholster anything......

So last month when the neighboring town had their citywide garage sale, of course I was going to go.  I found this little setee or bench.  I little rough around the edges that's for sure.  Must be 500 tacks in this thing.

Well, JB (my honey) thought I was a little koo koo.   Poor guy, this thing stayed in the living room for almost a month. 

Then out came the can of Annie Sloan old white,(and I still am not sure if I like that stuff or not.)  This was small so it worked out ok.....

Then today, I got out my giant piece of drop cloth.....I cut around 4 inches of the edges since it was already hemmed.  That was my ruffle. 

I made a mess of the dining room.

And here it is........

I stamped some french script ink onto some twill tape.  It turned out really nice.

It still needs a few more tacks, but it turned out pretty good.  Thanks to JB for cutting me a piece of plywood for the seat.

I also was on a roll yesterday and made this stuff for my Etsy shop.

Also made a bunch of tags and some Christmas stuff for Christmas in July.

Thanks to those who have left me comments.  I am fairly new to blogland and was about to give up on it and just be a looker.....but I think I will keep on going....for now.

Thanks ya'll! 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Treasure box....

I finished a little project.  A treasure box filled with goodies. 

I found this old golden colored jewelry box at the thrift store.  I tore out all the ugly cardboard that was covered in orange veleteen (or whatever that stuff was)  and gave the outside a vintage decal image from Graphics Fairy.

I added some satin to the inside lid,  and kept the original satin pouch.  The pouch still seemed ok and I thought it looked good with my additions, a half doilie, stamped twill tape, the inside of the box got new satin, some pretty paper lining, and white velvet.  The drawer got a new paper liner and outside the drawer some stamped twill tape and teeny tiny drawer pulls.  Aren't they cute!

It is for sale in my Etsy shop, filled the goodies you see here. Oh, and the cross is made of mahogany, witha hand carved rose, made by my hubby.   It is a beauty.   Also includes vintage trim, piping, some dried orchids, so pretty and blue,  (they are like paper)  My hand made paper clay angel, a battenburg lace angel, some vintage button ribbon, wallpaper tags, some vintage lace and one each of a lilac colored and white velvet rose.

Thanks for looking at my handiwork! 
PS- this has been the worst day of the year for me, worse than the water heater (in the attic) leaking down all over inside our new house.  But more about this stuff later.  Just had to vent.  LOL

Monday, April 9, 2012

These are gorgeous.....

I was going through the Summer issue of  Romantic Country and came across an article about this lady and her craftsmanship.  Her hats are beautiful and these pillows are to die for.  I love them.  I don't know her and I hope she doesnt care if I show her wares.......

Aren't these pretty?

To my children:

I would like one for mothers day!!!

I think this lady's pillows are just beautiful. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone.....

Have a wonderful day!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Pretty hydrangea

Just a quick picture of my beautiful white hydrangea.  I do not have a green thumb by any means.  My honey is the one who does all this for me.  I have the best husband!  I thank God every day for him being in my life.   

I just love flowers.  I was raised up north in southwestern NY, and Grandma used to grow flowers in her garden for the fair.   She had the most beautiful dahias and zinnias.  Bachelor buttons....well, I can't name them all, and my mother had a thing for tulips and peonies. 

Wish some of them could grow here in this hot neck of the woods!

I am still waiting for this to fill in a little.  It needs something dont you think?

These things are nt doing so well.

And we need to plant some grass around the front!  This was a little neglected area and Honey decied to plant an elephant ear and a sprinkling of flowers for me!

Oh well. so much for now.