Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby motivation

My oldest daughter is 37 and pregnant for her first time.  She is so excited and of course so are we.  We can't be happier for her.  We just found out last week we are having another girl in the family!  Let's see, i had 3 girls.  I have 4 grandaughters already.....whats going on here.  Only one
Back on the subject....

So I wanted to share a project I am working on.

I bought this at an auction a year or 2 ago and have held onto it.  I decided to use it in Terra's baby shower in July. 

I added some wood appliques and just let it sit around for 3 months waiting to see if it was going to be pink or duck egg blue. 

So today I have been painting and used a shade of pink that was a store return.  Thats where I get all my paint.  Either Lowes or HD sometimes Walmart has returns.  And I just use whatever they have mixed.  (the other day I got a Valspar qt of a beautiful shade of grey for $3, gonna use for Laundry room)

So here is the beginnings of it.  I plan on making a lace covered mattress from a bed pillow and there will be lace draped over the sides.  I'll show when I'm finished. 

I don't know if I ever said this, but I really don't like AS chalk paint.  But....I do like the fact that pre-sanding is not required.  & I am one of those people who got sucked into spent $84 on 1 qt plus some wax, plus a special waxing tool....well kick myself in the butt..............I found recipes all over the blogs to make your own and guess what......I like the home made better.  LOL  Anyway, here it is started in pink, then dry brushed over in AS white.  My lighting in the house is very dark.  ( this is three windows and an over head light on and it still is dark in there. )

So the inside will be all white.  I'll show when it's done.

Found this thing too at the thrift store.  I had to have it.  I just like the look of it and I plan on removing the ugly brown carpet, and attaching some faux fur and use it for a photo prop for the wee one.  It has a tag that it came from England at an antuique store. 

I can't wait to see the wee one in some photos in this thing.

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  1. Congratulations to your daughter...Girl power!!! What a great project your cradle is, I can't cough up the money for AS paint either!