Sunday, March 25, 2012

over 100 years ago

It really took alot back then to process orders for seeds......

All that to get this.......

Etsy store stuff.

I just love those old seed books and catalogs.  I can sit and look at the images for hours.  Can you believe I saw one of these Maule books listed on Ebay for over $200......Really???  my daughter Jessi and I were looking and laughing at some of old 1903 magazines I have.  The ads are a hoot.  Gain weight ads (unlike todays, lose weight) ads to cure the "fits".  What the heck are the fits???  My grandbaby Eliana could use some of that!

There is some great ephemera in these. 

Not the greatest scanned images.....but ya'll are welcome to them if you like. 

Some stuff for the Etsy store,

And my fascination with lamp shades and hankies continues!

Have a great week ya'll.......

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

things I made

I made a few things....the doilies were made from old doilies that the centers were too stained, so I took a  lesson from Carol's tutorial at The Polka Dot Closet, and made them pretty!

I have been experimenting with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  Not really sure if I like it as much as alot of people have been raving about.  I have tried it on an old oak chair and had to paint it twice for it to cover. I;ll show it later on.  And I painted this lamp just because they say you can paint glass! 

I used an image from Graphics Fairy and transferred it on with mod podge when I was done. 

Before........not so great.

After.........!  Kind of cute.  It will look better in a shabby shade.

It looks better in person.....

Me and my honey planted some pretty posies in our flower bed last weekend.  (hope all this awful rain today doesnt wash them away)  This bed had old dead and dried up shrubs.  The neighbors said that the 110 degree heat last year killed them.  So we dug them out and planted these!

This is our first Spring in the new place.

OK, thats all.  thank you for reading my post.  God Bless ya'll.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

A shout out........

to the very nice folks at Vogelsang Antiuques Emporium.  JJ and her son Mike were so kind when I dropped by for my very first quart of Annie Sloan's chalk paint. 

JJ showed me some of her work and let me tell you, it was all fabulous. 

I have some beginner projects I am going to try and will show you the before and after later!  Wish me luck!  I can gardly wait.......

So if you are in the area of historic Rosenberg Texas, drop by the downtown area and give JJ and Mike holler.

: )

Sunday, March 4, 2012

disappointments and accomplishments

I got so frustrated with Lowes this weekend.  Me and hubby went on Friday and bought a qt of touchup paint to finish the bathroom.  One gallon was not quite enough...good I started going around the door frames and closets frames.  I said to honey. "doesn't this look lighter?"  He said no ,it's just still wet, lets see when it dries,  Well  I also had used the quart to  touch up some areas that didn't fully cover with the roller.

After an hour I went to check it....Yikes, it's a different color.  So after calling Lowes and reporting my predicament 3 times to 3 different people, they were very kind enough to give me a new gallon. Thank God, Valspar is expensive at $32 a gallon.....Anyways, I was so frustated by the fact that I need to repaint, I quit for the weekend and decided to work on some things.  UGH

I don't know why but I have this thing about frames.  I have now covered 7 or 8.  The ones using old hankies look so cute and summery. 

You can see this and some other items in my   Etsy shop. 

This cross was made a while ago, I decided to sell in my shop too.  I have a hard time letting go of those