Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The newest addition has a name

My oldest daughter Terra and her fiance have now finally picked the name for their new baby girl expected to arrive on 9/11/12;

Her name will be Molly Kate.  I love it.  No matter what the name she will be loved and adored.

Here is more progress on the cradle that was all dark wood.  I painted it home made pink chalk paint, then dry brushed with white.  The inside is all white.  I'm still working on it....still needs more paint.

The lady hosting the shower in July is going to use it for decor. 

I plan on, making a lacy covered bed pillow as a mattress, and I also made this little head pillow from a vintage pillow case. 

But the cradle needs something.........

I thought of some sweet lettering maybe on the outside side edge.  Or inside on the back under the canopy.   Any ideas on what I could do to dress this up a little more.  I also had an idea of a lacy overhang.  What do you think.  After the baby shower, Mom does not want this (not her style nor does she have space) so I will be taking it to the antique mall for consignment. 

Thats it for now! 


BTW, I wonder where Dawn from the feathered nest is?  I read her blog every day and hope everything is ok for her and her family.  Maybe it s just the weather and they are hunkering down. .

Friday, May 11, 2012

Out on a limb....

I have been an admirer of the tattered and torn, lacy doilie, tea stained look.  So I have always been an admirer of the style similar to Magnolia Pearl. 

So I tried my hand at making a tattered and torn lamp shade. 

I used all recylced materials except for the muslin.  some cutting and gluing and here it is! 

It's kind of cute if I do say so myself!

Happy Friday!

Monday, May 7, 2012

There is a time for everything

It's my time!  I never graduated high school.  So guess what, I am going to get my GED diploma!  They say it's never too late for anything and at 55, this will be one of my life's accomplishments.

So I'm off for my first round of testing.  To see how I do and what areas I need help with (math).....Simple math is ok for me and problem solving, but algebra....hmmm.  I should be good to go on everything else. 

                                                            (images from Graphics Fairy)

Wish me luck.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

So much time

I have had these listed in my Etsy shop.....

These little hand embroidered bird house and birds were so cute. But still have not sold.........

Soooooo.........I have changed them up a little.  No one wanted as they were so I trimmed them out with ric rac, and am making them into a day of the week banner.  I think it would be very cute in a babie's/childs room, or as a valance, or a teacher's class room. 

I am not finished yet but they are going to be just too cute.  Here it is, draped across my dining room mirror.  I need to find a better rope to use for hanging.  All I have left to do is sew them to a rope.

 And.......I also bought this bench at a benefit for a family who lost the father and 9 yr old son......this is so sad, the dad and son killed in a car crash after driving into a lake in a neighborhood while delivering newspapers.   I was glad to help out for the benefit and at the same time find this old 1940s stool. 

After I cleaned up the stool, I dug out my old kimono I got at an estate sale.  Now, this thing has seen better days, but I was saving for just the right repurpose.  

Here is the kimono before, I bought it for the embroidery, got it really cheap too.

And now it is this.......

It's so pretty with this chunky embroidery......

Well, that's all for this weekend.  Went to a wedding yesterday.  Had a great time, we left after eating though.....hahaha.  I felt bad about eating & leaving but Hubby has cancer, he needs his rest.

So long for now.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Avery's passing

I can not tell you how this blog has touched me.  Please read the story of this precious little baby who suffered from a rare disease.  http://averycan.blogspot.com/  The blog is titled Avery's Bucket List.

So sad.