Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Ya'll

God Bless us all and may you all have a blessed Merry Christmas...


Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The new valve is a success.  My hubby is as good as new again thanks to God.

He is recovering nicely and will remain hospitalized for 3-5 days.....

I am so happy!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Case study........

Today, my dear sweet husband is checking into the hospital for a new heart valve.  He is an inoperable patient because of his cancer.  So....he is the second person to receive this particular valve at the heart and vascular center of Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center.

The doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center and UT Physicians Valve Clinic, have all contributed to my husbands care and we both truly appreciate all they have done and continue to do for us and others.  They have him approved for this procedure as a case study.  (scary words)  But in truth, this is cutting edge technology.  I would rather have a valve replaced this way, than being cut and cracked open. 

I feel blessed that the doctors have approved him for this procedure and look forward to a happy and extended life together. 

Please say a prayer for him for a full and speedy recovery.  God bless you John  and God bless the medical team caring for you.

My John..........before and after his cancer diagnosis.  He lost 8 inches in height.  now we can kiss with no tips toes!!!!

God Bless.....Diane

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Giveaway........yay

Rebecca, over at A Gathering Place is having a giveaway.  and just look at what you can sure to head over and sign up.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Precious angel

My sweet new grandbabe, Molly Kate.   Being fussy and trying to coo....5 weeks old.

This is her other Grandma holding her.  Grammy Eileen. I'm terrible at taking pitures and such, but here is this little punkin'  look at those cheeks!!!

We had a brunch on Saturday, fruit, pastries from Panera and I made a breakfast casserole .  mmm.  No pictures of that though.

I made some time to make a few things too.

 More ornaments with nature theme.

 Banana pecan bread......pecans from our trees.  Pay no mind to my ancient stove.  I think it's original to the house.   still works I am going to keep using it until I decide to redo the kitchen.  We need to paint, remove wallpaper, and add new appliances.  Plus I need to reconfigure the pantry.  Its long and narrow and dark. 
Jolly old St Nick stocking.  Bits of laces and dream from an old pillow case.  I added the faux fur....hahaha.  It is a store purchased velvet stocking and I wanted to change it up a little.  What do you think?

Thats my was yours?

Til later ya'll,

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thrifting adventures

I always check out the 3 local thrift stores on  my way home.  The first one, hmmm, nothing. 

Found a needlepoint stocking for $1...and a battenburg lace tree skirt.  Gonna tea stain it and use it for my "special tree".  I am going to spray paint it!!!  But that's a later post.....

I almost headed home and decided to stop at one last shop.  They only take cash but I figured if I find something I'll have the lady hold it and I'll come back later with cash.

I looked in an old plastic storage bin a look at what I found!  They look much better in person.  (Is that a correct term for a thing??  whatever...)

These are faux mercury glass ornaments.  Whoever donated them to the thrift store either had a shop or a booth, and sold them for $5.99.  I bought them all at thrift prices of course!

Someone hand painted the lettering on them, but I got rid of that and turned them into this.

I think I got the images of the angel child from Dawn at Feathered Nest.  Maybe Graphics Fairy.  You can find these in my Etsy shop. 

Thanks for looking and God Bless ya'll.

xoxox  Diane

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

so much has happened

Since my last post, i've.......

gotten a job.....YAY!  
Now I have no time......oh well, I am blessed that we have more income coming in.  At 56 it's hard to convince a potential employer that you are the right one for the job.....

Any how.....we also welcomed Molly Kate into this world on 9/4/12.  Isn't she a doll?

She had a little bit of jaundice but that went away after a few days.   7lbs 6 oz  20inches.  So sweet and precious. 

Hit many sales, auctions, thrifts and other places.  I have much to show, tell and share. 

One thing I got at auction was an older model Simplicity embroidery machine.  Have gone flipped out crazy over this thing.  I am embroidering everything.   One of my first things to try a couple of kitchen towels for my inlaws......

I have gotten better since this, but hey, I am just trying this thing out!   And I can say that Beto and Karen love their

John had to be hospitalized again for his heart.  CHF resulting in a valve replacement here in a few weeks.  All this complicated by his multiple myeloma.  They stopped chemo for a month.  

So keep him in your prayers.....and the drs too.....We put our trust in them too.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

My latest project....

I made my hubby a lunch bag/tote and decided to sell these in my Etsy store too! 

Did you ever work somewhere and stuff in your lunch came up missing?  Well I have! LOL.  This is a cute message to send to leave my lunch alone!

Got the graphics label from Graphics Fairy.

And this burlap modge podge hanging banner.

I did a few other furniture projects and as I usaully do, forgot to do before picture and in this case an after picture also!  lol  I got so excited about getting a bedside table for $3 for my daughter that I didn't even think about posting on my blog!

Oh well.  c'est la vie.....

Oh yes, Rosemary at villabarnes is having a fantastic giveaway.  Be sure to head on over and sign up for chance to win a great gift!

See ya'll later!  Diane

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The newest addition has a name

My oldest daughter Terra and her fiance have now finally picked the name for their new baby girl expected to arrive on 9/11/12;

Her name will be Molly Kate.  I love it.  No matter what the name she will be loved and adored.

Here is more progress on the cradle that was all dark wood.  I painted it home made pink chalk paint, then dry brushed with white.  The inside is all white.  I'm still working on it....still needs more paint.

The lady hosting the shower in July is going to use it for decor. 

I plan on, making a lacy covered bed pillow as a mattress, and I also made this little head pillow from a vintage pillow case. 

But the cradle needs something.........

I thought of some sweet lettering maybe on the outside side edge.  Or inside on the back under the canopy.   Any ideas on what I could do to dress this up a little more.  I also had an idea of a lacy overhang.  What do you think.  After the baby shower, Mom does not want this (not her style nor does she have space) so I will be taking it to the antique mall for consignment. 

Thats it for now! 


BTW, I wonder where Dawn from the feathered nest is?  I read her blog every day and hope everything is ok for her and her family.  Maybe it s just the weather and they are hunkering down. .

Friday, May 11, 2012

Out on a limb....

I have been an admirer of the tattered and torn, lacy doilie, tea stained look.  So I have always been an admirer of the style similar to Magnolia Pearl. 

So I tried my hand at making a tattered and torn lamp shade. 

I used all recylced materials except for the muslin.  some cutting and gluing and here it is! 

It's kind of cute if I do say so myself!

Happy Friday!

Monday, May 7, 2012

There is a time for everything

It's my time!  I never graduated high school.  So guess what, I am going to get my GED diploma!  They say it's never too late for anything and at 55, this will be one of my life's accomplishments.

So I'm off for my first round of testing.  To see how I do and what areas I need help with (math).....Simple math is ok for me and problem solving, but algebra....hmmm.  I should be good to go on everything else. 

                                                            (images from Graphics Fairy)

Wish me luck.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

So much time

I have had these listed in my Etsy shop.....

These little hand embroidered bird house and birds were so cute. But still have not sold.........

Soooooo.........I have changed them up a little.  No one wanted as they were so I trimmed them out with ric rac, and am making them into a day of the week banner.  I think it would be very cute in a babie's/childs room, or as a valance, or a teacher's class room. 

I am not finished yet but they are going to be just too cute.  Here it is, draped across my dining room mirror.  I need to find a better rope to use for hanging.  All I have left to do is sew them to a rope.

 And.......I also bought this bench at a benefit for a family who lost the father and 9 yr old son......this is so sad, the dad and son killed in a car crash after driving into a lake in a neighborhood while delivering newspapers.   I was glad to help out for the benefit and at the same time find this old 1940s stool. 

After I cleaned up the stool, I dug out my old kimono I got at an estate sale.  Now, this thing has seen better days, but I was saving for just the right repurpose.  

Here is the kimono before, I bought it for the embroidery, got it really cheap too.

And now it is this.......

It's so pretty with this chunky embroidery......

Well, that's all for this weekend.  Went to a wedding yesterday.  Had a great time, we left after eating though.....hahaha.  I felt bad about eating & leaving but Hubby has cancer, he needs his rest.

So long for now.