Sunday, March 25, 2012

over 100 years ago

It really took alot back then to process orders for seeds......

All that to get this.......

Etsy store stuff.

I just love those old seed books and catalogs.  I can sit and look at the images for hours.  Can you believe I saw one of these Maule books listed on Ebay for over $200......Really???  my daughter Jessi and I were looking and laughing at some of old 1903 magazines I have.  The ads are a hoot.  Gain weight ads (unlike todays, lose weight) ads to cure the "fits".  What the heck are the fits???  My grandbaby Eliana could use some of that!

There is some great ephemera in these. 

Not the greatest scanned images.....but ya'll are welcome to them if you like. 

Some stuff for the Etsy store,

And my fascination with lamp shades and hankies continues!

Have a great week ya'll.......

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