Tuesday, March 20, 2012

things I made

I made a few things....the doilies were made from old doilies that the centers were too stained, so I took a  lesson from Carol's tutorial at The Polka Dot Closet, and made them pretty!

I have been experimenting with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  Not really sure if I like it as much as alot of people have been raving about.  I have tried it on an old oak chair and had to paint it twice for it to cover. I;ll show it later on.  And I painted this lamp just because they say you can paint glass! 

I used an image from Graphics Fairy and transferred it on with mod podge when I was done. 

Before........not so great.

After.........!  Kind of cute.  It will look better in a shabby shade.

It looks better in person.....

Me and my honey planted some pretty posies in our flower bed last weekend.  (hope all this awful rain today doesnt wash them away)  This bed had old dead and dried up shrubs.  The neighbors said that the 110 degree heat last year killed them.  So we dug them out and planted these!

This is our first Spring in the new place.

OK, thats all.  thank you for reading my post.  God Bless ya'll.



  1. Oh, I missed the doilies post, don't you just love them, your lamps are gorgeous. The post before was talking about the old seed catalogs, I bet they cost a lot because the pictures are so wonderful, thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Carol. You are an inspiration!