Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dress Form Ball

Millie Millie Millie........goodness girl....I know it's the event of the year, but. . . . . .well. Here she is in all her glory.  When it comes to floral, Millie really went all out.  She calls her creation Dress Form Couture. 

Rather than a longer more formal gown, this was last year's dress.....

 Millie opted for a cocktail style piece.

Complete with lamp shade

And some dried valentine roses..........

Doilie sleeves....

Removable bustle bouquet.....

An envious admirer.....

A little of this and a little of that, dyed doilies, dyed cotton seam tape, some black trim and feathers from an old mask......Even some vintage milinery.  She has a removable bustle bouquet.  (the delicate dried roses could crush)  This was fun to make.

Yes, Millie's been quite inspired and has really come out of her shell.  LOL.   Thank you Carol for sponsoring this wonderful event.  If ya'll haven't heard, it's "The Polka Dot Closet's" second annual dress form ball on March 11th.   So fun to see everyone's creations!

Millie's dress will be up for sale in my Etsy shop following the ball.   100% of the sale will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.   The dress is made from a vintage coral slip.  Most of the decoration  is glued with permanent fabric glue and is not really meant to be worn by humans, but....hey....nowadays, anything goes right?!  This dress would look great on a mannequin for display.  Maybe in your shop...... 

Wait, that's not all.......Millie is also going to have a giveaway.....what you ask?  The pretty pink lamp shade.  I will have a post after the dress form ball.  You do not have to be a follower but having more friends tagging along makes it more fun.   Stay tuned.

See ya'll at the ball......xoxo


  1. Hi Diane, Millie looks beautiful in this year's cocktail dress but also in her lovely outfit of last year.

  2. Oh my! When she got out of the carriage, I think I heard an audible "Gasp" from the rest of the guests!! She is gorgeous and has made quite an impression on the men here at the ball!!! Why they are swarming around her like they have never seen a pink dress before!! Thank you so much for attending the ball, I promise to send Millie home safe and sound after the ball is over!!!


  3. Oh, Millie looks so pretty in pink :-) A prefect dress for the Ball, I think. Love the pretty flower bustle. So very nice to meet you.

    Your newest follower,

  4. Milly looks beautiful!!.. And being a crocheter myself, I loved seeing all the crochet doilies that adorn her very pretty outfit. Hmmm... I questioned how much champagne she might have been helping herself to, when I saw the lampshade (0; but all in good fun! It's a party, and it's wonderful to see her enthusiasm!!!... Nice to meet you, Diane, via the Dress Form Ball today! ~tina

  5. WOW, Milly is stunning and I love her shorter dress and accessories. Love all the crocheted details and the hat is perfect.
    I am sure she is dancing the night away and have a wonderful time.
    Have fun, Celestina Marie

  6. Your design is quite stunning. This is such fun.

  7. Milly is just the bee's knees in her sweet dress! I hope she meets Lucy at the ball. Di@Cottage-wishes

  8. How truly lovely! The color is splended. She should be delightfully easy to spot in the crowd! ; )

  9. I love how you thought to use doilies to give Millie arms, she is stunning in her pink dress

  10. Well, my goodness, I think the flowers in the garden will be jealous!!

  11. I love Millie's colors. Beautiful. You did a great job.

  12. Wasn't this fun? and your Millie was so pretty in her bright dress

    It was so fun for us to meet all the other ladies at The Ball

  13. Millie looks so bright in her brightly colored dress. Hope she enjoys the ball.


  14. Hi Diane! Millie is just stunning in her finery! Love the color and all the details. The lampshade was genious! What a generous idea Millie is doing with the dress after the ball! Hope my girls got to meet Millie....was such a fun event for sure!

    Have a great weekend!