Saturday, March 9, 2013

Childs rocker

Found this antique childs rocker at the thrift store......for $3. 

The faded label on the side says it came from England at an antique store there.

It had an awful brown carpet cover, (forgot before pics)..... :(

But I recovered it with this cute animal fabric found in an estate sale fabric grab bag.

I am also working on this old dresser.  Again, no before pictures. 

I removed all the old alligator varnish (denatured alcohol, so easy and no elbow grease needed)

And painted it in ASCP Emperor's silk with dark wax finish.  The top will be yard sticks. 

I'll show you the finished when  it's done.   

This has taken me a month to do.........!   But I'm on a roll...... working on a bunch of smaller things too for my ignored Etsy shop. 

See ya'll later.... xoxoxo  Diane

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  1. Love that sweet rocker:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!