Friday, January 25, 2013

Hospital scare

OK, So with hubby and his cancer, and then his recent valve replacement, I am one stressed out girl....Literally.  3 weeks ago I find out I have hypertension.....Then....Thursday, I am at work, just working away....and BAM,  The dreaded chest pain.  Right in mid chest and shoots down my arm....

Do I tell anyone?  Nooooooooo.

I sit there and say, Holy Cow.  What was that....  It is gone......  I don't feel it still.  What should I do?? So I do what any other sensible person should do,  I get up tell my supervisor I dont feel well.......and I get in the car and drive.....for crying out loud! 

I had to get to Houston's famous Medical Center 15 minutes away.  I park in the parking garage because the emergency area says you will be towed if your car is there longer than 15 minutes. I cant get towed.   I walked to the ER, checked in, called hubby who instantly now I am worried about him driving up the Med Ctr.  My BP was sky high, even with my new meds.  But, I had an overnight stay, and my heart checked out fine. Had a scary medication stress test.  Ever have one?  That was an experience.  The final diagnosis........esophageal spasm. 

OK girls.  So when they say if you feel like you are having heart burn or indigestion pain, it could be a heart attack.  So friend to friends, take nothing for granted. and for petes sake, don't drive yourself to the hospital.

Thank you dear Lord. 

I thought I put up all my Christmas decor.......I just noticed this on my skinny little mantel.  I think I will leave them awhile.  See if anyone else notices.

And look at Sandy......sleeping like the princess that she is,  covered up and her head on her own pillow.

And lets not forget Stumpy, who, as King, gets his very own cradle!
I gotta get working on Millies DF Ball attire over at Carol's coming up in March.  You can expect something over the top from Millie, with her love of flowers and all.  Here is a sneak peek.  Keep watching.  Millie has a special event of her own planned after the Dress Form Ball at the Polka Dot Closet.
Hugs ya'll.


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  1. Glad to hear that you are ok. Good thing you went to the ER. Very scary, but you made the right move. Wise to post this for all to see. Have a restful weekend. -Al