Saturday, January 26, 2013


My kitchen really needs a do-over.  When we bought his house 11/11/11, we knew it would take some work to remove all this old wallpaper.  And it is everywhere.  So the first room we tackled was the master bath.

It had wall to wall caarpet, and completely wall papered.  Little did we know, that the wallpaper was attached directly to the drywall.  No primer, nothing.  So we really struggled with ripping the drywall paper, and reparing.  What an ordeal.  Now our bathroom is fairly large.  16 feet long.   so we had alot to remove.

Here are the before and after pics.  I still am not finished in htere with the wood and trim,  but I can live it now.

A work in progress and the pictures are difficult to tell but hte color is a beautiful golden yellow.  The curtains are garage sale finds and I laid this floor myself! 
Anyway, the point of my need for help is this:
Do any of you know if I can paint over wallpaper?  I have heard yeses and no's.  I really don't want to tear down wallpaper in the kitchen. 
   Someone said to prime the paper first then paint.  Ugh.....

I am ready to get this project started before it becomes 100 degrees down here in TX.

Let me know if anyone has ever tried this.....Thanks  Diane

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  1. Same thing happened at my other house before we sold it! Tearing down the paper with no primer underneath was AWFUL! I don't know about painting over it, hopefully someone will give you some tips:) LOVE you new bathroom, so pretty! Have a blessed day, HUGS!