Wednesday, February 29, 2012

bathroom make over

You know we bought this house in November.  After holidays I finally have been able to start on the master abthroom redo.  Ugh......Let me tell you.....I am no spring chicken anymore!  This is hard work!

Hubby has cancer, so he does what he can, but it's mostly up to me to get er done.....

I cannot define the wallpaper well enough.  it is everywhere in this house.  Pink too.  shades of pink everywhere.  even pink drawer knobs.  I like pink.....I don't love pink.  Sorry to all you pink lovers!  tee hee....but, back to the bathroom.  It had wall to wall carpet.  nice carpet I must say, but not in the bathroom.  And  our master bath is big.  the counter top is 9.5 feet long just to give you an idea.

So here is the before.....

You can ssort of tell the wallpaper has little pink and blue wreaths all over.  what an ordeal that removal was.

but here it is, a work in progress.  I laid the floor myself.  got tendonitis in both wrists from it.

The flooring is floating planks Luxe vinyl faux wood flooring by Armstrong.  Got it at Lowes. 
The wall color is Butter Cookie. Isn't it pretty! Had to paint around the toilet and tub so we could install the new toilet.  But it's getting there. 

I will take a picture when it's done.  so far, we are 1 month into this project and still counting!

: )



  1. Installed the floor yourself!!!! Getouttahere!!!
    Wow, it looks great. You are doing a wonderful job.


    1. Thanks to some guy on a youtube DIY video who gave excellent instructions!
      Thanks for the comment!


  2. I feel your pain, I resorted to tears the night I was finishing the tile on my bathroom floor and my bathroom was 1/4 the size of yours!! Your wood floors look wonderful, I guess it is like childbirth we are so happy with the outcome we forget all the pain LOL!