Monday, February 27, 2012

Beacon bear

Back last June or July I went to an estate sale.  After reading the about the sale items, I knew I couldn't miss this one.  It was an estate of a former fashion designer and interior decorator.  The listing said "fabircs" and being that I am a potential fabric hoarder, I had to go.

Oh my God.  I can tell you that when I walked in my legs went weak! I started shaling.  there was so much stuff......indescribabe....I went back 3 times!  Husband thought i'd lost my mind.

But enough of that.  There, perched atop a pile of cloth was this cute little bear.  I knew by looking he was well made and snatched him up for a mere $5. 

Once home I was looking through my loot and took a closer look at him.  He appeared to be made from Beacon blanket fabric.   I listed him in my Etsy shop.  He stayed there for a little while, then I buyer.  woo hoo.  so as I was preparing my invoice and packaging, I took a closer look at where this little Beacon Bear was headed. 

So my daughter and I looked it up.  Yes indeed, that is the Ralph Lauren we were thinking of.  The very nice lady told me they were really excited to see my little bear. 

And yes, Ralph Lauren has a line of Beacon fashions too.  Maybe they used this little guy as inspiration......who knows.

This is old news, but I still try checking every now and then to see if Ralph Lauren m ade a Beacon Bear for sales!

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  1. What a neat story. I wonder what that little bear is up to now. He was cute. It would be cool to see him in a print ad for Ralph Lauren.