Sunday, January 29, 2012

my kitchen

There were so many people at the auction yesterday, it made for some fierce competition at bidding. Didn't get the dining table I wanted.  Got the Queen Ann table.....

Got that wingback at the thrift store.....Great condition, but needs steam cleaned.   My surefit cover is on it's way.....

Also, got a Mancer Italian pottery canister set.  Isn't it cute!  $22, not bad....

The cookie jar and s & p shakers are not Mancer, but cute and were extras int he box.

I don't think I ever showed the "pink" kitchen in my new is OK, but not for me in the kitchen.

I like the parquet flooring though! 

We are working on this.....The wallpaper is going first.  In the master bath, the vanity top is 9 1/2 feet is the mirror.  I want to remove the mirror, but would need some hired help with that project.

Oh yes, my baby is having a baby!  Gonna be a Grandma to #5.  She is 37 and this is her first.  She is very excited.  I am so happy for her and her husband, well, soon to be husband.  Planning csome special events this year.

See the baby cradle I got will now come in handy.

See ya'll later,


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