Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thrifting adventures

I always check out the 3 local thrift stores on  my way home.  The first one, hmmm, nothing. 

Found a needlepoint stocking for $1...and a battenburg lace tree skirt.  Gonna tea stain it and use it for my "special tree".  I am going to spray paint it!!!  But that's a later post.....

I almost headed home and decided to stop at one last shop.  They only take cash but I figured if I find something I'll have the lady hold it and I'll come back later with cash.

I looked in an old plastic storage bin a look at what I found!  They look much better in person.  (Is that a correct term for a thing??  whatever...)

These are faux mercury glass ornaments.  Whoever donated them to the thrift store either had a shop or a booth, and sold them for $5.99.  I bought them all at thrift prices of course!

Someone hand painted the lettering on them, but I got rid of that and turned them into this.

I think I got the images of the angel child from Dawn at Feathered Nest.  Maybe Graphics Fairy.  You can find these in my Etsy shop. 

Thanks for looking and God Bless ya'll.

xoxox  Diane

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  1. These were a great find! And what you did with them made them even better! Thanks so much for visiting my blog to tell me you liked what I had done to the evening purse. Will keep checking on your blog to see your project!