Saturday, November 5, 2011

coyote's yipping

Hard to sleep in this house........I live in a tiny town in Texas, 600 population....not far from Houston, but nontheless, it's country.....because I live in this rural area of the county, even though I live "in town" (ha),
and this rental house is night particularly airtight......we hear noises.   Now that the window unit airconditioner is shut off at night. we hear everything...right down to how close the coyotes are when they are out lurking around in the evening.  I am about 2 blocks from the farm fields....we can literally hear the packs of coyotes yipping and carrying on.

When we hear the coyotes, it is eerily quiet.  Not a single dog barks.........

Hoping for a nap later on..:)

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